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“Follow your heart.” These are words that many would love to live by. And many of us do until the familiar doubts and insecurities remind us of our limitations. But what if it were really possible? What if it were the most natural thing to do?  Our New Humanity tells us that it is possible. Over the course of a year, the blueprint for how to “follow your heart” was unveiled to Corrina Steward through a series of “downloads” of higher consciousness.  Our New Humanity describes the function of the heart in unity consciousness, a state of being where all things are connected. Corrina details four hearts codes, intelligent light forces, that awaken the heart and humanity to live in unity consciousness. These codes, love, light, power and wisdom, are the foundation of the alchemical process of creation that can enable us to create a unified, peaceful Earth and become an awakened humanity.  Download Our New Humanity!

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"New Humanity Press' debut publication, a transmission of the heart. The unveiling of the love, light, power and wisdom of the heart for a new way of living and being with yourself, the Earth and the Divine."

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 Our New Humanity: Becoming One with the Heart
 By Corrina Steward