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New Humanity Press is dedicated to publicizing the leading edge of our human and planetary evolution.  Follow the New Humanity Press Daily to receive frequent updates on our New Humanity!  Be informed about the latest incoming universal intelligence, transmissions, spiritual science and heart manifestations for our evolving world.  

​The authors featured in the New Humanity Press Daily are selected for their resonance with the unified heart field, heart co-creation, universal truth in oneness and light, divine feminine & Christed Sophia energies and the healing of Mother Earth Gaia with the Cosmic Heart and new rainbow light frequencies from the Diamond Crystal Heart Core.  We also feature the evolutionary developments, tools, and systems that are co-creating the New Earth culture, economy, society and spirituality. If you have suggestions, please send your submissions to  Many thanks &  heart blessings!

Many thanks & higher heart blessings!​

--The New Humanity Press Team